Back to work

Don’t feel too sorry for me and I am sure that you won’t.  I am back to work tomorrow and then again on Thursday and then I am off until the 17th of July.  Not bad.

I do start early tomorrow, 7am.  Well, technically it is 7:10am.  I still work until 4:45pm.  The extra time is accumulated and I will be getting every second Monday off so I get a long weekend every other week.  This is a trial for the months of July and August.

Even though I am off for a week, I still get my next flex day.  As opposed to taking 7.5 hours of vacation per day, they take off 8.33 hours of vacation and I still get the extra day at the end of the cycle.  I can do for that.  You still get the same number of hours of vacation, not necessarily the same number of days though.

I received an email today from my niece in Edmonton.  She is flying out of Calgary on Monday and will be staying over in Calgary on Sunday night so she wanted to know if I wanted to get together.  I have not seen her in a lifetime (just about anyway).  It will be nice to see her again – she was 10 or so the last time I saw her and is now somewhere in her early to mid 20s.

Nothing much else going on really.  I enjoyed my days off over the Canada Day weekend.  Caught up on some of my sleep, umpired a game, did some stuff around the house and caught a game in Okotoks.  Pretty good weekend all in all.

Friday is the BDO Stampede party, again in Okotoks.  I am off that day but will be going and two of my co-workers will be joining me for the ride.  I am hoping to have the roof off of the Jeep if not the doors as well.  I will be able to store the roof under the dining room table (I think) and the doors, well, I will figure that one out.  I am not sure if I will take them off or not.  Leaning towards the not end.

I purchased a cowboy hat today for Stampede.  It was less than 1/2 price and I don’t look too bad in it.  I am sure I won’t be wearing it all that often, I am sort of attached to my ball caps, but we will see.  It is brown so I don’t need to go out and but a new pair of boots.

Anyway, off with the dogs for a bit – we have all been too lazy today.


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