Post Canada Day

Today is July 2, a Monday.  Seeing as July 1 was a Sunday, most people have today off from work, etc.  I was surprised to see that most stores, etc., are open over the holiday – both yesterday and today.  Sucks to be in retail I guess.

No real plans for the day.  I do plan on cleaning the Jeep – there is so much dog hair (specifically Blondie hair) in the back that I am pretty sure that I could knit myself a new dog, if I knew how to knit that is.

The cargo area of the Jeep is a mess as well.  There was a light bulb or two back there and at least one broke so there is glass all over the floor.

FM bought a shop vac last week so I think I will borrow it and take an hour or so and make the Jeep presentable.

The dogs are pretty much done with their shedding now and they were both at the groomers on Friday so most of the extra fur has been removed.  The back seat has pretty well been designated dog territory anyway.

I think I might hit a mall or two today, just browse around.  I am off today and tomorrow so that will be nice and relaxing.  🙂

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