Canada Day Double Header

My Canada Day double header turned into a single game.  It was one of the longest single games that I have ever umpired.  It ended in the bottom of the 6th inning (luckily) in a mercy, 16-6.  It should have ended in the 5th but the short stop made an error and 2 runs scored.

Poorly played ball, bad defence, batting practice quality pitching for the most part.

I have now umpired probably around 40 ball games.  The quality, in general has been fairly poor when compared to Ontario.  The Dawgs teams in Okotoks are supposed to be Elite – I don’t personally see it.

The Senior ball is better quality than what is offered in Niagara.  The players aren’t a bunch of whining idiots first off and the ball is pretty good too.

I now have a few weeks off from umpiring.  I didn’t want to have to umpire while BP is here from Ontario, that wouldn’t really be fair.

I am off for 2 more days, back to work on Wednesday.  I am considering taking the roof off of my Jeep – might do that tomorrow.  I don’t really have anywhere to store it though, that’s an issue.  A friend out in Cochrane told me I could store it at his place, it’s 45 minutes away though.  I might take him up on it.

Well, Happy Canada Day to all – enjoy the holiday.


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