Hello, RBC

I have moved from CIBC to RBC.

Essentially, I opened an account at CIBC because a friends wife was the branch manager and she’s cool.  She connected me with a personal banker who was very helpful.  Ever since I moved to Alberta, she really wasn’t able to help me with most things AND my buddies wife moved onto bigger and better things so I had no ties remaining with CIBC.

So, I’ve moved my main account and my locked-in RRSP which has well over 60k in it.  I am sure that RBC will be happy to have my business and I hope that CIBC is unhappy.

I have been in Calgary for a little over 2 months and the person who deals with mutual funds at the Calgary branch hasn’t even bothered to contact me about my RRSP.  I was told by my home branch in NOTL that she would contact me within a week or so – yeah…

I was considering Scotia Bank and I called them yesterday when they opened at 10am.  I spoke with someone who, for whatever reason was unable to schedule an appointment for me, someone was supposed to call me back.

Well, after a day and a half, no one has called back.  That’s pretty special customer service.

When I called RBC (my one of my roomies suggestions), the person I was speaking with was easily able to schedule an appointment for today and she answered ALL of my questions.  When she discovered that I needed someone who is able to trade in mutual funds, she changed the appointment and all was set within a couple of minutes.

I was a bit early for my appointment at 3pm today and he saw me right away, answered all of my questions and got everything done in no time at all.

Thanks very much RBC, I hope we have a long relationship.

To CIBC and Scotia, perhaps you need to learn what customer service really is.  For the Forest Lawn CIBC people, you could call the NOTL branch in Ontario and ask Tanya, she’s not too bad at all.  My friends wife no longer works for CIBC so I am not sure she can help you out.  Good luck.


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