Extra long weekend

I am only working a few hours today, I have lieu time from my excursions around Alberta and I have to use it, otherwise it gets paid out.  I am not allowed to bank the lieu time, oh well.

So, I am done work about 9:30 today.  Not bad.

I received a call from my boss yesterday to discuss the Flex Time program that I signed up for.  Starting in July, I will work an extra 50 minutes per day and I will get every other Monday off.  I had been slated to start my Mondays off on Monday, July 16, right after my holidays ended.  Nope – they start this coming Monday, which is the Canada Day holiday so I get Tuesday off.  So, this means that I have nearly a 5 day weekend.  Not a bad deal at all.

Next week, I am in the office on Wednesday and Thursday, working ITAssist and then I am off until the 17th.  I really don’t need vacation, but my buddy from St. Catharines is coming out for a visit so I will be off.  Looking forward to his visit – I am sure we will keep busy.

It looks like I have nearly half of the month of July off.  That’s nice – I would have preferred to take my vacation later in the year, October or November but this will work.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.

My trip to Grand Prairie is scheduled for July 31 through to August 2 inclusive and my flight has been booked.  I have not been in a plane since my trip to San Diego MANY years ago, I believe that was in 1992 or 1993.  I am not adverse to flying at all, just never came up – I drive pretty well wherever I need to go and I typically do not take vacations.  My vacations in the last 15+ years have been baseball related.  My sister, JB, had a vacation back in April when she went on a cross country trek with me – for some reason, she didn’t think it was a vacation, not sure why.

Mind you, my trip to Grand Prairie will NOT be a vacation.  I will be there for 3 days and it will be busy.  I am not sure when a tech was there last but by the sounds of it, it was last year.  I am sure that there will be a number of items that will come up plus I have a list of 15 or so items that need to be taken care of.

So, a 5 days weekend ahead of me, no real plans.  Today is sort of busy.  I am taking Zeus and Blondie to Pet Smart to have them groomed, they smell a tad funky.  I am getting my hair cut at 11, lunch with my Russian friend at Noon and then opening an account at RBC this afternoon.  I do not like the people at the local CIBC at all so they are out.  I was going to switch to Scotia Bank and called them at 10 when they opened yesterday.  I spoke with a guy, he, for some reason was unable to schedule an appointment with me so he was going to have someone call me.  Well, no one called so I decided to call RBC – they were more than happy to schedule me in for this afternoon.  I need to speak with someone who is licensed for mutual funds.  It’s not like I am transferring $15 into a chequing account, that was years ago.  People pay some pretty good money for bank accounts, I think that we deserve some customer service, that’s not asking for much.

I am also applying for my Alberta Health Card today.  I’ve had the application for a bit, but I keep forgetting my passport when I have time to go in.

I currently have no plans for Saturday through Tuesday although I am sure something will come up.  I do umpire on Sunday (Canada Day) in Okotoks and I may return to watch the Dawgs play in their Canada Day game in the evening.

Have a good Canada Day all, and to my American friends (there are a few), happy 4th of July !!!


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