The Keg

I have been in Alberta for 2 months now, longer than that actually.  In this time, I have not had the chance to have an Alberta Steak.  Shame on me.

So, I sort of felt like steak last evening.  Had one of those cravings.

I texted “handsome” and we decided to go to The Keg for a bite to eat.

I had a, for me, small 8oz steak and jumbo shrimp with a twice baked potato, veggies and French Onion soup to start.  Great meal.  It was perfectly cooked which I do appreciate – I don’t like too much pink in the middle and this was amazing.

Handsome (as I will refer to her on my blog, I am SURE she’ll like that) had a chicken Caesar salad – yes, at a steak house.  I was embarrassed as well.

She also insulted the waiter so she got the cold treatment for a bit – I will attempt to teach her some social graces, it will be an uphill battle I am sure, but, I am likely up to the task.  🙂

Anyway, I had an amazing dessert – some sort of mud pie essentially.  Quite the finish.

I am sure that this particular posting is going to get me in trouble – that is, after all, the aim.

Tonight, presuming that we don’t get yet MORE rain, I am hitting the Okotoks Dawgs ball game.  I wish some of this wet would leave us alone, enough is enough.


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