Wow, that went by quickly

That weekend flew by.  I was supposed to be pretty busy.  Umpiring on Friday night and a double header on Saturday both were cancelled.

I went to the Crossroads Market on Saturday morning and purchased some cabbage rolls and perogies from a Ukranian dealer.  Haven’t had them yet, looking forward to them though.

Had 3 naps on Saturday as well, caught up on my sleep.  A morning nap, afternoon and late afternoon.  Not a bad deal.  Saturday was sort of crappy anyway.

Went for a late dinner to Boston Pizza – had a good time.  I was there with an “older, handsome woman”.  🙂

I had a nap on Sunday – of course.  Took it easy in the evening, sort of watched the “new” Rambo movie – a typical Stallone movie.

I am not scheduled to umpire in the next couple of weeks – I am having some off-time.  BP arrives from Ontario in 2 short weeks and I am sure we will have a good time.

This week will be busy – I am going to my new dentist today, I am only working a part day on Friday, get my bed delivered on Saturday and it is already the Canada Day weekend.  Not sure of my plans for the weekend, guess I will have to work that out this week.

Enjoy yours.

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