The Weather – The Weekend

I was supposed to umpire a game last night at Deerfoot Park.  Game time was 6:30pm.  I arrive shortly after 5:30pm and the gate is locked and no one is around.  So I call the scheduler and he says that someone dropped the ball and didn’t cancel the game with him so, long story short, I will get paid for the game.

I took it easy for the rest of the night, fell asleep while texting people, that’s sort of rude I guess.  Went to bed and had a good nights sleep.

Raining again this morning and I am supposed to umpire a double-header.  Well, I know that the games are going to be cancelled but as of 8am, no cancellations.  I make an executive decision that there will be no ball played today and decide to head to Bragg Creek and do some off-roading, as a passenger.

I get a txt from JB, the off-roading is cancelled due to heavy rain in the area.  OK, that’s all fine and dandy, but I still haven’t heard about baseball.  Anyway, after a little more time, indeed, the ball games have been rained out – no ball, no off-roading.  Great – my first free Saturday in a LONG time.

I think I might zip over to the flea market and take a look.  I also have to drop into M&M, chicken breasts are on sale.

I am heading out tonight for dinner with a co-worker – should be a good time.

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