Keepin’ Busy

Yesterday at work was my first full day in what is called ITAssist.  I don’t answer any phone calls, which I am good with, I get assigned requests that come in from the users.  We use the same system that I used in my previous job, the main difference being that this one actually works, it doesn’t crash, etc.  Now, I think the reason why this is the case is because we don’t use work flow in it.  If and when we start to use that, I am guessing that we will start to have issues.

So, getting back on track here…  The requests come in, we acknowledge them and then either work on them or we transfer off to the appropriate person.  The IT group is rather large and we are also spread out across the country.  I can’t walk down a hallway and talk to someone about a request.  I can, of course, pick up a phone and call someone or use Communicator and chat with someone, but it isn’t quite the same.  As the days go by, I am learning what goes where and to whom.

I must say, it is keeping me busy and out of trouble.  An 8 hour shift on ITAssist and I have enough work for ages which I like.  My previous job, not necessarily the case.

I have another full shift today and then tomorrow I switch off with my co-worker.

Today will be interesting as well.  I have quit smoking, so, I know that I am going to be a bit grumpier than normal.  The time is right though, that, I know for sure.

Wish me luck.

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