My tour of Alberta is nearly done.  I have visited Red Deer (and 2 little towns near Red Deer), Edmonton (and its 3 offices) now Lethbridge and its a small office 30km from there).  One more trip, scheduled for sometime in late July, to Grand Prairie.

The trip to Lethbridge actually took longer than the trip to Edmonton and here I was thinking it was only an hour and a half.  There are a couple of small town that you pass through with a speed limit of 50km so that slows you down a bit.  There are also some pretty big hills which slow you down more (or me anyway in the Jeep).

So, Lethbridge is a relatively small office, 40 staff or so.  Friendly people, I have found that everyone in Alberta is which is nice.  The co-worker that I back-up down there is actually going to be off next week so I might get called into action.  Guess we will see.

My mileage will be good for the couple of trips that I’ve made this week.  That will be nice.

I am quite looking forward to just having to drive downtown this morning as opposed to 350km to the office, it will be back to a normal routine.  I am on ITAssist today, all day and again tomorrow.  That will keep me busy…


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