The weekend

Well, the weekend is over, they go by too quickly.  Friday was a busy day after only working for 1/2 of a day – did a crap-load of errands.

Zeus went to the vet on Saturday morning.  His (and Blondie’s) bloodwork came back negative for anything bad so I can now pick up their prescriptions for various preventative stuff.

I umpired in Okotoks at the awesome field with the artificial infield.  Games were pretty good, both ended in a tie in the 7th, first one finished in the 8th, the second finished in the 9th.  I think I have already mentioned, but if so, I will mention again that the coaching staff from Edmonton were a bunch of ignorant bastards.  Surprisingly, only one got himself ejected from the double-header.  I have never seen a team whine so much about balls and strikes.  Oh well – hope that I don’t see that particular group again any time soon.

I am off to Edmonton today for work, leaving around 5am, should get there by 9am.  It will be a long day.  I am then turning the other direction and going to Lethbridge tomorrow.  It’s good to visit the offices that I need to support – at least if I have to go there, I will remember a few faces if not any names.

I will be going to Grand Prairie sometime in late July or early August.  I have been at BDO for nearly 2 months – loving it.  Great job indeed.

This week will fly by I am sure.  Two travel days followed by 2 days on ITAssist and then a day with SH on ITAssist – no rest for me.  I do like it that way though.

No umpiring until Friday night for me and then a double-header on Saturday.  I have booked the 24th off.

BP arrives in 3 weeks for Stampede – it will be a good visit I am sure.  At least he’s gotten pretty used to the dogs by now.

OK, off to shower and then I will hit the road.  Enjoy your day and your week.

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