Alberta license & NEW, cheaper insurance

My Alberta drivers license arrived today.  The picture doesn’t look too bad actually.  Well, how could it look bad considering the subject material?  So, now I have something more than a little piece of paper that says I can drive.

I went to a Lunch & Learn session last Wednesday from a local insurance company.  I figured that I would go, even though I had just started a new policy with TD Insurance.  Well, my policy was going to be nearly $400 less than with TD – awesome.

I couldn’t care less about being loyal to a large insurance company.  Give me a good rate and I will stay.  If I can save more than $10-$20 per month in my insurance costs and you don’t match it then I am out of here.  I don’t really care about customer service, etc., I have never made a claim.  I only have insurance because it is mandatory.

So, anyway, I have filled in the needed paper work and have submitted the forms.  My new policy will arrive sometime today and then I will cancel the TD Insurance.  Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for them to process my refund seeing as I paid them upfront.

I also got tenant insurance which is good – really, it isn’t necessary, but, with being so far away from family, if my place burned to the ground, it would be VERY tough to get back on my feet.  I am sure that won’t happen, but for around $200 per year, the peace of mind is nice.

Anyway, I am becoming more Albertan by the day.  Friday, I will apply for my health card, before my Ontario one expires.  Not sorry to see any of that stuff go – goodbye Ontario, good luck.


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