A Boring Saturday

Well, I had originally planned on heading to Salmon Arm, BC this weekend and further on to Kelowna, BC on Sunday then home.

Well, a few things derailed that.  The person that wanted a lift to Kelowna had to back out.  That would have doubled my expenses.  The weather in BC has been awful all weekend, heavy rainfall warnings, etc.  That makes fishing pretty miserable.

Tonight, I was planning on heading to Okotoks to watch a Dawgs game and it was delayed because of weather but apparently will start around 8pm.  Well, I am pretty sure it would be rained out anyway and it is cold tonight, under 10C so watch baseball in that isn’t too much fun.

So, it’s a Saturday night and I am sitting at home watching what might be the final hockey game of the year.  I am hoping that the Devils can win 4 straight and steal the cup away from LA – I hate teams from LA.

So, at any rate, a relaxing weekend every once in a while is good for you I guess.  Maybe I will catch the flea market tomorrow morning – that will make for a good Sunday.

Back to it on Monday for a shortened week and I am off on Friday afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend.

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