Surprise Evaluation

I umpired last night at Optimist Park in South West Calgary last night, it was AA 15-16 year olds, so, Bantam/Midget mixed – Babe Ruth baseball.

Not a bad game at all actually.  Pitching on both sides was pretty good, solid defense – quite entertaining.

After the game, as I was walking off of the field, a guy approached and introduced himself, no idea now what his name was – actually, I think I forgot his name about 10 seconds after he said it, I am bad that way.

It turned out that he was evaluating our game.  OK, that’s fine, wish I had known I was being evaluated.  I would have eliminated some of the “lazy” things that I do when I umpire.

The evaluation was pretty good, he didn’t mention anything that I didn’t already know, it is just bad habits that I have and am too stubborn to eliminate.  I will have to work on them, for sure.

So, today off from umping, double header tomorrow afternoon and a single game on Sunday.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the South West Calgary Conservatives.

I have been experimenting with letting Blondie out of her crate while I am at work the last few days.  Thus far, she has been fine and I hope it stays that way.  I am sure she likes having the freedom to roam around the house.  I will continue to let her have the run of the house until such a time that she does something “bad”.  Maybe I will get lucky and she won’t ever chew on my furniture or anything else.  Guess we will see.

Enjoy your weekend.

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