A Change of the blog…

I clicked on an ad in my blog and paid $18 a year to have a domain name again – not a bad price @ $1.50 per month.

The blog can now be accessed at:


and my email is kevin@kdarcy21.com.

Not a huge change, but it’s a bit cooler perhaps.  I configured the domain name through Google as well which is VERY cool.  My kdarcy21@gmail.com address will always remain, those emails are now forwarded to my new address.  I was able to create a bunch of cool stuff.  I also have the ability to create another 9 accounts.

So, in short – if you have ever dreamed of having an @kdarcy21.com email address, let me know and maybe, just maybe, I will set it up for you.  🙂


About kdarcy21

Well, this is my BLOG, so, read the BLOG !!!
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