More Umpiring

I was sort of hoping that the rain that we had yesterday would wash my baseball game out – it didn’t.  The diamond was a little wet but in pretty good condition considering the amount of rain we’ve had in the last few days.

I was umpiring the Giants, again.  It was my 3rd game in a row with them and I was behind the plate, again.  I see, looking forward on the schedule that I am umpiring them again, behind the plate, again, next Thursday.  I have enquired with the scheduler to see if I can switch with my partner to take the bases for that game – I don’t think it is fair for the team to have me behind the plate in 4 consecutive home games.  If he says no then I think I will give the game up.

Anyway, the first base coach, a young guy complained about a called 3rd strike that may have been outside of the strike zone – who knows, I do miss the occasional call.  I warned him and he continued and was ejected.  He left without any incident and the game continued.

It was an odd game.  The visitors broke out in the top of the 1st with 6 runs on a shaky pitcher who couldn’t find the strike zone.  I don’t think I was squeezing him, not sure what he might say.  Anyway, it ended up with the home team winning 15-11 or something like that.  The pitching is shaky and the defence, at times, non-existent.  Oh well – I have coached worse.

I am enjoying umpiring, I would like to get a few more base games into the mix though.  I am typically being scheduled for about 3 games per week which is fine.  Not taking up too much of my time at least.

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