What to blog about?

Well, I have been making nearly daily entries in my blog for the last while, not sure what I can/will write about tonight.

It was a relaxing evening tonight.  Drove home through some of the worst thunderstorms that I have ever seen.  Heavy rain, thunder, lightning and hail – nice weather for the middle of May.

The dogs go rather wet on their walk as they were caught in a downpour.  Zeus hates getting wet, Blondie not so much.  I hate the smell of wet dog though, they need to go to the groomers.

Stopped by the Superstore tonight – it is like walking into another world there are so many “foreigners” there.  India, Japan?  Not sure.  Oh well, everyone is friendly anyway.

Watching the Phoenix vs. Los Angeles game tonight on CBC.  It is currently the start of the 3rd period and it is tied 3-3.  I have no love for ANY team out of LA so I am going for Phoenix.  They have their work cut out for them though, they have to win 4 straight.  Well, one game at a time – it can happen.

I am, of course, a Flames fan. They haven’t been in the playoffs for some time – 2004 I believe it was, when they were in the Stanley Cup final.  They won that cup, the refs fucked up the call – it was over the line.  I suppose, depending on the reply you saw it looked like it went over the line and the next view, it didn’t.  Oh well…

Short week at work this week and it is zipping by.  Shitty weather called for though, all week.  It’s the damn tree huggers in BC sending us this crappy weather.  Mind you, we send it further east so my friends in Ontario can enjoy it this coming weekend.

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