I decided to advertise a room for rent last week.  Wasn’t sure if I would get any responses and if I did, I wasn’t sure if I would find someone who I could live with.

My first room-mate was very odd.  I moved so that I could get away from him.  His mother was a nut (as it turned out) so I am not surprised that he was as well.  That convinced me not to have another roomie.

In my last place in St. Catharines, there was a separate apartment in the basement.  The rent of the place was high so I figured $650 coming in each month would really help – it did.

The guy that ended up renting it was, to say the least, odd.  He didn’t really believe in cleaning up, washing (himself nor his clothes) and he was just plain weird.  He’d wear headphones (thankfully) but he’d sing to himself and bop away – very strange…  Wasn’t much of a conservationist but that’s OK.  His rent was paid on time (by the Government of Ontario – he was on long term disability – yeah, sure) so that was good for me.  Anyway, I gave him notice that he had to vacate at the end of May which is quickly approaching.  I hope his place has been cleaned so that someone doesn’t have to do tons of work. As far as I am aware, the house hasn’t been re-rented as yet.

Anyway, I received a call from a prospective renter when I was registering my vehicle in Alberta so I asked him to call back.  He did and came right over to look at the place.  We did the dime tour and he said he wanted to look at the basement.  It’s not a bad basement, unfinished but not bad.  He decided to set up shop down there.  It is dark and a bit cold for my tastes, but he seems happy and is a good guy.

I am charging $500 per month in rent so that will really help me out.  I plan on banking that away so that in 2 years I will have a decent down payment for my own place.  I still have 2 bedrooms open so I may look at renting one of those – not sure on that one though – I will have to see what my current roomie thinks, one bathroom with 3 guys might be tough.

So, I think all will be OK this time around – time will tell.

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