The Poker Gods

Played Texas Hold’em last evening.  There were 7 of us.  We started at around 8pm as people were rather late in showing up.

I won a couple of close hands early and quickly tripled my chip stack to about 750,000.  I got lucky on a few hands, the river card was my friend for most of the evening.

It was a $10 buy in with a first re-buy (and a quarter million in new chips) at $10 and additional re-buys at $20 each.  After an hour or so, I had well over a million and a half and was the chip leader, by far.

I sat back and played a patient style while I watched others eliminate each other over the course of the evening – I bet when I had something decent while the blinds were still low.  Some of the betting wasn’t too smart, they seemed to be pretty easy going when it came to losing $40 or $50 of their “real” money.  I am not so easy going when it comes to someone taking my funds.

In around 12:30 in the morning, we were down to two.  I had, I would guess, about 10-15 times his chip stack.  He was getting killed by the blinds which, considering how long we played, were still pretty low at $25000 and $50000.  I was betting large on any hand that was good and he was folding – if he tried to trap me (or bluff) and I had nothing, I didn’t take the bait.

After a half hour of heads up play, I decided enough was enough and offered him $50 to resign.  He accepted and I walked away with $190, up $180 for the evening.  Not a bad deal for 6 hours of entertainment.

They play every 4-6 weeks so I will be going back – presuming that I am invited back of course…  Who wants to see the new guy win?  LOL


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