Ouch – just a bit

I brought the Jeep into Courtesy Chrysler yesterday at 7am.  Got the shuttle ride back home and did some stuff around the house, you know, domestic chores.

I hadn’t heard from them by 10:30 or so, so I called them.  They had only just started on my Jeep.

Ummm, why did they only start on my Jeep at 10:30 if I brought it to them at 7am?  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of bringing it in early?  Perhaps I did that so that I would have it back early?  Oh well.

I got a call around 11:30 or so – the inspection was done but it needed one safety item – something to do with steering.  The advisor tried to explain it to me and I sort of understood but if I was to translate it here, I would get it all wrong.

Long story short, the total bill, including the safety was $479.  Dang…  Oh well, guess I am not going to Edmonton this weekend.

So, I pick up the Jeep (after a lost shuttle driver finally finds my place) and go to the vehicle registration office.  The guy behind the counter starts to fill in the paperwork and I show him the insurance certificate – it shows that the policy doesn’t come into effect until the 16th of June – awesome.  The email that I received from them shows the same thing.

I call the insurance company and they email me a new certificate.

I go back in and switch the plates over to Alberta, pay my fee and physically switch the plates.  Well, not plates as I only get one – the rear plate.  The front of the Jeep looks naked…

For some odd reason, I renew my plate sticker every April but once I do the drivers license, it renews in August.  I suppose it is nice spreading out the payments but it does mean I have to visit twice a year.

I forgot to switch my Health Card but my Ontario one is good for 3 months.  That will be a job for another day.

Anyway, I feel more Albertan now with my Wild Rose Country plate and naked Jeep front.  All I need now is a cowboy hat (and my license, health card and who the heck knows what else)…


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