Becoming an Albertan

Becoming an Albertan is sort of expensive.

Since I am bringing a vehicle from out of province, I have to pay for an out of province vehicle inspection – essentially a “safety check”.  I suppose I see the logic in it.  The province doesn’t want unsafe vehicles on the roads.  OK, fine.  But, charging $150 for it seems a little excessive.  Oh well.

I also have to change my plates over to Alberta plates.  Actually, make that an Alberta “plate” since you only get one.  Cheaper than Ontario though.  One surprising thing I have discovered is that I will get a pro-rated refund on the validation sticker from Ontario.  Nice.

Switching my drivers license will cost me just under $85.  Again though, I will get a pro-rated refund from Ontario.

I also have to switch my health card – no fee for this…

I am actually REALLY surprised about Ontario issuing any sort of refund.  Typically, one would think that they would say, “you are shit outa luck”.

Anyway, that’s what is on the agenda for tomorrow as well as taking the dogs to their first vet appointment.

Should be a good day.


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