Calgary Stampede and other stuff

I spoke with BP this afternoon on my way back to work.  He has decided to come out to Calgary for the Stampede week so that’s great.  I have requested the time off of work.  His flight isn’t going to be cheap, that’s for sure.  Good thing that BP always “has enough”.

I am booking the Friday off and then the entire next week.  It seems weird getting vacation time in my first year with a new company.  I will have been here for about 3 months when I take the week off – in fact, I think that my probation will end as soon as I return.

I have no been to Stampede since 1986.  I would imagine that it, along with everything else in Calgary has grown.  Should be a blast.

I umpire again tonight.  I have verified the park location so there shouldn’t be any issues with getting to the correct location this time around.  It is a 9 inning game, I am glad that there is no humidity in Calgary.  Not sure what level it is that I am covering, I think it is Midget AA but I could be wrong.

I am off on Friday – they are calling for rain…  Figures…  I am getting the out of province rip-off vehicle inspection done and I think that I will get plates for it but I will hold off for now on switching my drivers license.  Too many expenses all at once.

I have also switched schedules at work.  The Calgary office keeps slightly different hours in the summer so I am now working 8AM-4:45PM (with a 1:15 lunch).  Works well for me.  I am up early in the morning anyway.

That’s it for now – getting back to it.

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