Hiking in the Rockies

I was supposed to umpire a double header this morning.  I left the house shortly after 8am for a 9am start.  The ball diamond was pretty close and I got there by 8:15.  There were a number of diamonds in close proximity, no games.  Interesting.  So, I call the scheduler who is also supposed to be umpiring and he isn’t home or at least he doesn’t answer.  I leave a message.  I also called the guy that I umpired with yesterday to see if he has a cell phone, didn’t get him but he was also supposed to be umpiring today.

So, as of 3:43pm today, I have no idea where the mixup is/was.  Oh well.

Anyway, I decided to take Zeus and Blondie for a walk in a Provincial Park near Banff.  It was a 1:10 drive but 40 minutes of that was getting out of Calgary – what a massive city…

I took a few photos which I will upload somewhere at sometime.  The mountains were awesome.  We walked along a trail for about 2 kilometres and then turned around to head back.  I was getting hot and tired and the dogs were panting like crazy.  I gave them plenty of water once we returned to the Jeep and we drove home – not a bad afternoon at all.

Took us over 20 minutes to get to the peak, dogs slowed me down…

They are now sleeping on the couch as I type this entry.  I am thinking about a nap myself –  lots of fresh air will do that do ya.  So will getting up at 3:45 in the morning, but that’s another story.

Update – I did have a nap, with the dogs.  We slept for over 3 hours.  🙂

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