Back to the field of dreams

I start umpiring today.  Was supposed to be tomorrow but I got a call from another scheduler and am heading to Strathmore today.  It is somewhere east of Calgary, 1/2 hour drive by the looks of it.

I enjoy umpiring, haven’t done it as much as I would like simply because I spend too much time on the other side of the diamond with coaching.  Since I was too late arriving to coach, umpiring is a good alternative and a nice second source of income.

I have to replace my equipment.  It is going to cost too much to get my stuff from Ontario which is a shame.  Mind you, I will get brand new stuff and since I get paid to umpire, it will be cash flow neutral – well, once I do a few games anyway.  For now, I have borrowed equipment.

So, it is Midget rep today, not sure what level it is tomorrow but it shows as AAA which should be good quality ball.

I don’t have a goalie style mask so I will need to get one of those ASAP – I don’t like the flat style mask any more – ever since I got knocked out wearing one.  I imagine that’ll do it to a guy.

Wish me luck.  I hope I don’t have to make any ejections.  🙂


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