Loving the prices in Alberta

I had to switch my auto insurance yesterday.  I was using TD Insurance.  They provide insurance in Ontario and they provide insurance in Alberta.  The two don’t necessarily inter-mingle.

So, my policy in Alberta in around $100 per month for full coverage, not too bad really.  They electronically sent me my insurance slips until the regular ones arrive.

I am saving quite a bit from what I was paying last year in Ontario.  You know, when I think about it, I think that everything that I have purchased in Alberta is cheaper than anything in Ontario. I’m trying to think of an example that doesn’t fall under that rule and I can’t.  I am sure that there is something – maybe I will discover it some day.

My sister (JB) says that she would never live here – too cold.  Well, Southern Ontario is too hot and humid – I hate humidity.  Try spending time outside in the middle of July when it is 34 degrees Celsius and feels like 45 when you factor in the humidity – no thanks.  If I never experience that again, I am ok with it. I don’t think that I would ever want to live in Ontario again – honestly.

Yes, I left friends in Ontario and haven’t really met anyone out here as yet, but in time I will – not worried about it.

It is Friday, the weekend is here.  I start umpiring on Sunday, looking forward to it.  Have a good weekend.


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