I installed Ubuntu on my 2nd PC at home.  You might ask, “what is Ubuntu?”.  Well, it is a Linux based operating system, open source and therefore, free.

I needed some assistance.  Not with the install itself but with creating the install disc.

I downloaded the install files, no issue there – took a while mind you. I then had an ISO image file.  Hmmm…  Did I bring any blank CDs with me?  No…  Dang…  Do I have a USB memory stick?  No, dang.

So, I scour the web for a program that will allow me to create a bootable USB device with Ubuntu on it.  I found a few programs, they didn’t work.  Figures.

I don’t really need Ubuntu to work right away so it’s not like an emergency or anything.  I am an IT guy though (or I play one on TV) and I like computer related shit to work – plain and simple.

Luckily for me, I have AM.  He’s another IT guy that I left back in St. Catharines and he’s amazing – quite simply amazing.  He suggested a download that had not come up in my search and voilà, I have a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu on it and 20 minutes later, I have a working OS.  I install Google Chrome and remove Firefox from the quick launch bar and then I do this blog entry.

Simple as that.  Thanks for your assistance AM – as always, it is appreciated.

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