My Jeep – registration and fees

Well, I decided to find out how much it will cost me to transfer my Jeep, license, etc., from Ontario to Alberta.

The license fee is reasonable: for 5 years it is $84.45.

The vehicle sticker is also $84.45 per year and I will renew at the end of April because my last name starts with “D”.  Mind you, my license renews in August.  Odd.

I need to get an out of province inspection, essentially a safety check – this sounds like a pure money grab since the fee is about $175.  They don’t do emission testing here so I will be able to skip that (it would have been due in Ontario this August) and the inspection is a one time thing.  OK, I suppose I can handle that.  I guess they don’t want unsafe vehicles on the roads.

The plate sticker fee will be pro-rated – that’s good.  I have 90 days to do all of this so that would put it sometime in July.

Custom plates are much cheaper here than in Ontario – $200 for the plates.  Sometimes they are called vanity plates – I can stand being called vain I guess.  I will likely get a set.  Only issue there is that I believe that they are limited to 7 characters in Alberta so KEVSJEEP is out.  Dang.  I have an idea but I am not going to publish it because EVERYONE will go out and register it to screw me up.

So, I suppose that I will wait until July or so to do all of this, no rush anyway.  At least I have the information now.


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