The Weekend

You know, it is really nice actually having a reason to have a weekend.  For 9 months, the weekend really didn’t matter to me, at all.  Monday, Thursday or Saturday, what’s the difference when you aren’t working?

Now, I am working 8:45AM – 5:30PM, get a 1:15 lunch (to go home for the dogs) and am home by 6PM.  I leave the house between 7:30 and 7:45.  I do like to get into work a little early, although the other day when I left at 8:10, I noticed that the traffic was a lot lighter, so, perhaps I will start leaving a little later.  I don’t want to be late of course but thus far that hasn’t come close to coming true.

Today was interesting.  I don’t remember the last time that I saw snow in May. St. Catharines typically doesn’t get any snow during May, I am sure that there has been at some point but I don’t remember it.  Well, today it was snowing, quite heavy at times as well.  It didn’t accumulate on the roads but it did on the ground – 3″ perhaps?  It was gone by dinner time when the temperature got up to nearly 10 degrees.  So, I guess I have seen it all now.  People tell me to expect more.

Well, I have always said that I prefer cold to hot – I do.  Much easier to throw on an extra layer or two than to strip it off – believe me, people don’t want me to walk around naked on the streets.

Anyway, that was today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and I plan on taking the dogs for a good walk.  Hope the weather holds out.



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