Retail Experiences

I have had an excellent experience with Moores in Calgary.

I purchased quite a few new clothes and some shoes for work.  Luckily, everything (except for the shoes) was buy one, get one free – a great deal to be sure.

Anyway, I purchased a number of shirts and what not, most are sized at the neck and all of those fit perfectly.  One shirt that was an XL was a little tight.  OK, I will admit that I am not “trim”, but I have ALWAYS fit into XL shirts…

Anyway, I brought back a few of the shirts that I wasn’t sure about.  Two of the shirts were a different brand and they fit perfectly. I exchanged another shirt with a different one and the store manager worked everything so that I didn’t owe anything, even though some of the exchanges were priced higher than what I originally purchased.  Very nice.

The best part and one that I did not expect nor ask for was with one of the pairs of shoes that I bought.  When I was cutting the tag off of the shoe, the scissors slipped and I nicked the leather, leaving a small mark and cut in the leather.  He asked me what had happened and exchanged the shoes – insisted on it.

As far as customer service goes, Gary is the tops and he has earned my business for as long as I am in Calgary – it was a pleasure dealing with him.  Thanks Gary.  Thanks Moores.

I had a bad experience with Jysk.  It was a bad experience that the staff turned around, not quite a 180 degree turn, but they did their best.  In case you haven’t heard of it, it is sort of like Ikea but not as nice as Ikea.

I wanted a computer desk, something small.  They had one on sale for $24.99.  I figured that I would order it online to pick up at one of their stores near my place.  I paid for it with my credit card.  I received an email indicating that the order had gone to the store and they would have it ready – great !!!

I go to the store after work and am told that they haven’t had this particular desk in for a number of weeks.  Oh, ok.  The clerk argues with me that the email that I was sent indicated that the desk was on order, not at the store.  I showed her the email.

Another clerk was helpful, tried calling the other store – no dice.

I was told that they hadn’t had a delivery in a few weeks.  A few weeks?  How do they maintain stock?  I asked when they thought my desk would arrive.  I was told it might be Monday, maybe the week after – she wasn’t sure.

I asked for a refund.  I couldn’t get one at the store, wasn’t too surprised by that I guess, I paid online, I had to contact those people for a refund.

So, I contact them via email and got an immediate response.  They have processed the refund, it will take a few days to appear on my credit card account.  You have to love how they take the funds from the card immediately but for refunds, you have to wait.

Anyway, as of tonight the refund is on my card.

It wasn’t a great experience and I may shop in the store again but I doubt that I will shop online.

At least the people at Jysk tried to help, the manager there wasn’t any help at all and I REALLY hate being argued with by sales people – if I know I am correct, it is very irritating. Perhaps the manager of Jysk needs to sit down with the manager of Moores and figure out a thing or two.

I doubt that will happen…


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