May the Fourth be with you

Yes, today is May the 4th, Star Wars day.  I am sure it will trend on Twitter, May the Fourth be with you. Personally, I have always thought of myself more on the Dark Side of the Force than the Light Side so, I guess I really wouldn’t use that term, but, who am I to argue with the masses.

OK, you have a point, I always argue with the masses, just for arguments sake.

I will admit, I am a Star Wars fan, not a huge fan, I don’t have a room dedicated to Star Wars, I have a few odds and ends.  I used to have a huge collection of toys, I had the Millennium Falcon, very cool.  I sold all of that stuff, years ago.  I am old enough that I can remember, (not well mind you, I was young) going to see Star Wars in the theatre in 1977. I was with my Mom and sister (BD), we had just saw some other movie downtown (does anyone from St. Catharines remember when there were two movie theatres in downtown St. Catharines?) and we walked past the second theatre which was playing Star Wars.  I guess the two of them had already seen it and they thought that I might enjoy it, even though I was only six years old.

Well, they started me on a Star Wars craze that lasted through my childhood. I had Star Wars sheets, curtains, toys, books, etc.  I had one of the best collections of any of my friends.  I played with them as well, they were well used.  Now, had I known how much an unwrapped original 1977 Luke Skywalker figure would be worth in 2012 (wow, 35 years?) if it was still in its package, would I have played with them?  Probably – what else was I going to do?

So, again, today is May 4th, Star Wars day.  All I have to add is Live Long and Prosper.

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