A comfortable place to sit…

I finally have furniture.  I found a nice leather set, 3 piece sofa with a chaise on one end and a chair, black leather, soft, comfortable with baseball stitching.  Quite a nice set really.  The dogs are  very happy having somewhere to lay down, other than the floor.  They both slept beside me last night while I watched some tv – everyone’s happy.

I am renting this from Rent-A-Centre.  The two delivery guys were interesting – a bit klutzy, but nice guys anyway. The driver had issues finding my place, even though it is right around the corner from my house.  Oh well.  The stuff got brought inside, nothing was damaged, all is good.

I start my day today at the Delta Airport Hotel Calgary.  There is some sort of presentation and some of the big wigs from Toronto will be there.  I will get to meet the CEO, don’t remember his name at the moment.  Not sure what time I will arrive at the office this morning, 10am maybe, late start anyway.

I am enjoying the new job – almost done my second week.  The days go by pretty quickly, lots of stuff to learn, lots to do.  It is a little slow after 4:30 or so in the afternoon.  After working until 4pm for so long, that extra hour and a bit seems to take a long time.

I am starting to feel settled in – I am starting to learn the city and when I go places, I remember the roads and what not, I can make it to quite a few places without my GPS – aren’t I special?  LOL – I know that there is a large chunk of Calgary that I haven’t seen and some of it I am sure I won’t see.  I’ve found some good weekend spots to take the dogs for walks – there are some really nice pathways along the river and people are good about their dogs being on leash – that’s a good thing.  There are some dog parks around (off-leash) but Zeus doesn’t get along with his canine companions.  Blondie does so at some point, I will likely take her to a dog park – that will mean leaving Zeus at home, seems cruel, but, I want Blondie to be able to socialize with other dogs.  Can’t not let her do that, just because of “Mr. Cranky Pants”.

Well, I need to go and fold laundry and take the beasts for a walk. It isn’t raining this morning and I think that’s the first morning this week that it hasn’t been.  Enjoy your day 🙂


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