When I purchased my first Jeep, I was told by several people that Jeep Wrangler owners wave at one another when they pass.  Just Wranglers, not any of the other brands.

I found this to be true.  I have travelled to various parts of the US, true there. All over Ontario, yes – Manitoba as well.

For some reason, Jeep owners in Alberta don’t wave at one another.  I tried waving to a few when I first got here and no return waves plus a couple of odd looks.  Currently, my Jeep has Ontario custom plates so they were likely wondering, who’s this guy from Ontario waving at me – does he know me?  It is almost like they have never heard of the Wrangler Wave.  Oh well, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

I purchased a lamp tonight from Kijiji.  It was $10 and had 5 adjustable heads on it, should provide good light in the living room.  Now I just need 3 more, one for each bedroom.

I tried to purchase a computer desk at Jysk (I think that’s how it is spelt) and they did not have any in stock at either store in Calgary – that sucks…  It was on sale for $24.99, a pretty small desk but I just need room for a keyboard and a monitor and it’ll do that just fine.

My couch and chair get delivered tomorrow around 6:15pm.  I am looking forward to sitting somewhere comfy at home and I am sure the dogs are as well.



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