Getting settled

I am getting settled into the new place.  I still have some unpacking to do but, of course, I am off today and tomorrow.

I met with the President of Baseball Calgary this morning.  Doesn’t sound like they need any coaches for this season but I am willing to help out in other areas.

I had Telus Optik TV and Internet setup this morning as well – seems like an awesome service.

I am going to rent a couch, short term from Rent-a-Centre, I need something other than a lawn chair to sit on – so do the dogs…  I may get a washer and dryer as well, not sure.  Gotta see what the prices are like.

My first week at work went well.  I have received my parking pass for a garage right next to my office and I can start using it on Monday (or is it Tuesday).  I think that I am really going to enjoy it there.

Anyway, off to do some running around, then, I think a Saturday afternoon nap.  🙂


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