Happy Anniversary and other stuff

Today is J&D’s 25th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary guys !!!  I was in their wedding party and they and a large group of friends and family went to Cuba last month to celebrate – I was unable to go.  I hope that they have 25 more years.

No internet and tv at the house until Saturday.  I am looking for something to do in the evenings.  I am unpacking and organizing, but who wants to do that all night?  Not me.  Oh well, Saturday will come and I will be setup again.

Work is going well.  I don’t think I’ve posted since I started. Today was day 3 and I took most of the requests that came in.  Nothing serious, I just need to learn where software is kept, etc.  The file system is organized WAY better than in my previous position, mind you, that wouldn’t be hard.

Anyway, I think this will be a great place to work – I am really enjoying it.  I have a top of the line laptop, it has an i7 processor and a solid state hard drive.  I also received a Blackberry Bold 9900 – good thing I’ve used one in the past.

I got a parking pass for a garage right beside my office, it starts on May 1 (or is it May 2), anyway, sometime next week.  I am coming home at lunch to let the dogs out and take them for a quick walk.

I have already hit my “summer” mode where I wake up WAY too early – between 4 and 5 AM.  This of course forces me to go to bed earlier than I would like to, around 10PM usually. I won’t be able to watch Leno any longer, he doesn’t come on here until 12:30, no way I am staying up that late.  Too bad, I enjoy his show.

I am learning Calgary, slowly but surely.  I can make it to work or home without using the GPS, that’s good.  Not that there is anything wrong with using one, but you do want to learn the city that you are living in.  I haven’t found anywhere cool to walk the dogs as yet, the neighbourhood is good mind you, sidewalks everywhere and no loose dogs.

I will be heading to Ontario sooner than I expected.  There is an annual IT Conference in September that is held in Ontario – this year it is in Mississauga in September.  I am hoping that we will have some free time so I can at least go for dinner with family, perhaps some friends as well – guess I will find out when I get the schedule for the event.

Anyway, seeing as I am using my Android to connect to the internet (via my laptop), I had better get off otherwise my data charges are going to be through the roof.

I will start daily posts (or so) after Saturday.

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