Moving day…

Didn’t I just move to Calgary?  Yes, I did.  I did some house hunting on Thursday and Friday and found a nice town house on Friday and signed a 1 year lease.  It was available immediately so I move in today, after 9:30am.

That is going to save me a boat load of money as compared to having a hotel room until the first of May.

It is a big place, bigger than I need for sure, but that’s ok.  It is a 3 bedroom and a walk-out balcony off of one of the bedrooms.  The living room is large and it has a huge kitchen.

I start work on Monday, I think that I will drive in the first day.  I may see how much parking is downtown on a monthly basis and then compare that to taking transit.  If I drive to work then I will likely be able to go home at lunch for the dogs.  If I take transit then I am going to have to get a dog walker at noon time.  Blondie would be find waiting all day but Zeus might have some issues.  I haven’t been a public transit sort of guy ever since I got my first car, it will be a hard change (I would imagine) if I decide to go that route – it looks like driving will be my best option.

Lots of stuff to do related to my move.  I need to purchase a microwave, toaster over, couch, end tables – the list is long.  I had all of this stuff in my old place of course, but, I didn’t want to have to move it all. I’ll purchase stuff slowly over the next few months I guess, I do enjoy shopping.

Anyway, I am up way too early – breakfast at the hotel starts @ 6:30am (4:40am now) and I will head over to the new place around 9am.


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