Day 2

This is the start of my second full day in Calgary.  Yesterday was pretty productive.

I called a bunch of places to find a place to live.  I looked at two and got screwed up on the third one.  The first place that I looked at was right by my office, it would be less than a 5 minute walk to work.  It was nice, fairly small as compared to what I have had the last few years but that is OK with me.  I am thinking that I will apply for it today, the walk to work and living right downtown might appeal with me.  The rent was under $1k per month so not too bad.

I unhooked the trailer with JB’s assistance and manoeuvred it into a parking spot outside of my hotel room.  The Jeep is back to its regular self now that it isn’t pulling a 2000lb (that’s a guess) trailer.  Got the Jeep washed yesterday as well.

I suppose that I must have been rather tired yesterday, not surprising seeing as I haven’t slept a lot in the past few days.  I laid down for a nap about 6pm.  Other than waking up briefly a few times during the night, I slept until 5am this morning.  I will be ready to go once  I’ve had my coffee and something to eat.

If I do get the place that I mentioned above, I can likely move in this weekend.  That’ll be awesome.

Welcome to day 3.

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