Calgary bound…

I am blogging under the “My move to Calgary” link at the top of my blog, but here is a regular entry.  🙂

Today is day three of the trip, I am still in Ontario.  The weather wasn’t nice yesterday, at all.  A combination of different “wet” weather – rain, freezing rain, sleet, hail, snow.  Nice.  The roads were pretty bad but I didn’t feel un-safe anywhere so I continued.  I am in Thunder Bay now, leaving at 7am or so.

I have never been to Manitoba nor Saskatchewan so that’ll be new.  With all of the hills that I have driven over (small mountains actually), the prairies will be a nice change – my gas mileage will go back up.  That’s a good thing.  Using 4×4 yesterday took it’s hit on the mileage.  I am sure that the ice and snow packed onto the Jeep and the trailer didn’t help either.  The forecast is for rain, maybe it’ll wash both of them.

The dogs are good – they don’t seem to mind being in the car for hours on end with the windows rolled up for the most part.  We stop every few hours anyway.

Well, gotta get my stuff together and get ready to leave.

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