The packing and preparing continues

I am packing.  Organizing.  Deciding what I am bringing and what I am going to try to sell.  It is slow work, partly (or mostly) due to me being slow to get to it – it is coming along though.  I have been up since 6am today.  I was going to get some work done last night after dinner at my sister and brother in laws place but I went to bed at 10pm.

My other sister (BD) and Aunt came down from Toronto for a going away dinner.  JB made an excellent chicken cacciatore and it was awesome – one of the best that I have had, better than mine perhaps?  I got a Tim Horton’s gift card which will come in very handy for the trip out west.  There is one problem with it though, it has the Toronto Maple Leaf logo on it.  When I use it, I will have to declare that I am indeed NOT a Leafs fan.  I better have it used up before I leave Ontario.  Once you get to Manitoba, that would be Jets country.  Once in Calgary, I will have to get myself a Flames card and keep reloading it.

So, the sale is tomorrow.  My ad ran in the Standard this morning – looks good.  I was able to change the ad to include that the sale was inside and it was on rain or shine.  No charge for the change, I think we removed “Make an offer” or something to that effect.  As it was, the ad cost me $40 but that will be money well spent, presuming that people come through the door.

So, one final day to organize for my sale and pack my remaining stuff.  I get the u-Haul trailer tomorrow afternoon and DB and I will load it tomorrow evening.  I think that RK is coming over to assist with that.  BP will be helping me with my sale tomorrow.  JB is looking after my dogs for the morning.  Lots to do and very little time to do it, so, I must get off of this darn laptop and get back to it.

Going to be a tiring day or two followed by the longest drive that I ever hope to make.

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