Getting ready

I leave for Calgary in 5 days, Sunday morning.  I am having a moving sale on Saturday, selling mostly everything, moving VERY light.

One of the items that I am selling is my music collection.  I have over 200 CD’s from 60’s music all the way to current stuff, it’s quite the collection actually.

I spent parts of Friday through Monday using iTunes to rip the CD’s and synced them with my iPod.  Luckily, I have an 80GB model and it is now 25% full.  Imagine, over 200 CD’s fits in just under 20GB in total – I was surprised.

Anyway, that’s done – I am going to sell most of the collection.  I have imaged a couple of PC’s that I am selling, I’ve had them for a while and don’t want to take them across the country.  It takes an hour or so to get the OS working, download the needed drivers, etc.

I haven’t done a lot of packing as yet – I plan on doing a lot of that tomorrow.  Gotta organize what I am taking and what I am selling.

I’ll be taking my bed and the frame, the matching dresser (they were my parents) and the side table.  I’d like to take my loveseat and chair (leather) and my 48″ LCD TV.  I have a cabinet unit that I bought from my sister and I like it.  I also have an Ikea desk that I may take, not sure on that one though…  I will also bring some kitchen stuff.

Other than that, I am selling everything else that I can.  I’ve already sold my bike, one leather loveseat and a water cooler.  Today I sold my older 32″ LCD TV.  So, I have some moving money.  I am hoping for a lot more some Saturday.

Lots to do, not a lot of time to do it, but I do have a Doctorate in Procrastination.


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