Calgary Bound !!!

As I likely noted in a previous entry, I had a job interview with a nation wide company on Thursday afternoon in Toronto.  The position was for their Calgary office.

I left St. Catharines at 11:30 or so on Thursday morning.  I consulted JB to see what she thought I should wear, we were (for some odd reason) on the same page.  Black pants, cream colour shirt and black tie.

I arrived at my Aunts place around 12:30 or so – I was parking in her driveway and taking the TTC to the interview – $6 for a return trip was better than likely $20 for parking plus the hassle of driving downtown, etc.

The interview was at 3pm, I arrived downtown about 40 minutes early so I had some time to kill.  I went to the 6th floor and waited for a few minutes so that when I called the person I was interviewing with, I was about 12 minutes early.

Had a great interview with him, he’s the Manager of IT – it lasted about an hour.  I then met with the HR Manager and that was a little over 1/2 of an hour.  I thought, all in all that it went well.  I was told that I would hear from them next week or the week after.

I made a fairly long trip back via TTC to my Aunts place and go there just before 6pm.  We talked for a bit and I said that I thought things had went well.

I started on what I thought would be a LONG drive home with heavy pre long weekend traffic.  The traffic actually wasn’t too bad, I was nearly shocked.

Anyway, as I was around Third Line or so (in Burlington), my phone rang, it was a number that I did not recognize.  Typically, I wouldn’t have picked up such a call, but, with all of the positions that I had applied for, I figured I should pick this one up, although, who the heck would be calling for a job related call at 6:40pm on the Thursday before a long weekend?

After a little small talk, I was offered the job that I had just interviewed for.  To put it mildly, I was the happiest that I think I have EVER been in my life to this point.  I readily accepted with a start date of Monday, April 23.

I nearly couldn’t drive and really, I should have pulled over.  I phoned JB, my other sister BD, my aunt, two close friends, my cousin – just about anyone I could think of.

Tonight, to celebrate, myself and 3 friends who I’ve known for most of my life went out and, I will admit, I had a few bevvies – not too many, but enough.

I have a LOT to do in the next couple of week – A LOT.  I need to sell a bunch of stuff to lighten my load.  I need to arrange a trailer to get there.  Once I am there, I have more to do…  It will be quite the adventure but one that I am ready to tackle head on.


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