Toronto bound, again…

I received a call this morning for a 2nd interview, in Toronto for a position in Calgary, Alberta.

The interview is for 3pm in downtown Toronto, so I will contact my aunt to see if I can use her driveway again. Taking the TTC to downtown will save me having to pay for parking downtown.  The timing isn’t the best, I won’t hit much traffic (I hope) going into Toronto, but with a 3pm interview, I may be until 4pm which would mean that I wouldn’t be leaving Toronto until 5pm or so and the traffic home will not be friendly.  Oh well, it’s not as if I have to do that too often.

I have been getting a number of second interviews, one of these needs to turn into a job offer – that would be ideal.  I suppose it’ll happen at some point, I would prefer sooner as opposed to later.

So, Toronto bound tomorrow, likely around noon for an afternoon of a busy downtown full of people.  The adventure continues.


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