Something new…

I received an email today from a prospective employer in Calgary – they liked my resume (good thing) and wanted to schedule an interview – via Skype.

Well, I do have a Skype account, not sure when the last time I used it mind you.  I also remember that I purchased a web cam, sometime before I moved into my new place.  I have seen it once since I’ve been here.

So, I checked my living room, dining room, kitchen, office – nothing.  I checked a drawer unit in the bathroom, nothing.  I checked my laptop bag, briefcase – nothing.  I could not find it for the life of me.

I have (and don’t ask why I store them there) 4 seat cushions for my patio set on my dining room table. There are a couple of the reusable type shopping bags on top of the cushions and for some reason, my cam was in its case in one of those bags.  Very odd, odd as well that I found it.

So, I launch Skype, I actually remember my password (on the second try) and log in.  I connect the cam and after it downloads some sort of update (it’s a Microsoft product), it works.  I do a test and all is well.

So, tomorrow (today now as it is after midnight), I have an interview at noon. It’ll be my first Skype interview.  I am sure that the technical aspects of it will go well, I shouldn’t be an IT person if I can’t setup and use a web cam…  I hope that the interview goes well – that would make it a good day.

UPDATE – April 3, 2:20pm – The interview went well, was just over an hour long. I was happy that I didn’t have any internet issues, this would have been hard to do back in December when my internet connection was down probably as much as it was up.  My resume is going to be passed along to the next stage so I will have another Skype interview coming up.  The position is just outside of Edmonton, Alberta.


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