Lots of interest from placement firms…

I had another phone interview this morning.  I think it was for a job that I applied for only about a half hour before they called.  Talk about quick turn around time eh.

It’s for a support job with a company in Grimsby.  That would be nice and close to go to.  This interview was with a placement agency so they will now forward my resume onto the company in Grimsby – I don’t know who the company is though, that’s not a big issue for me mind you.

He also asked me about a job that I applied for in Sarnia – I indicated that I have no issues with relocating at all.

So, perhaps I will hear from both of these companies in the next week or two – who knows…  Maybe I will already be working by then – I hope so…

I have to call that recruitment firm in Toronto again this afternoon.  The client (in Burlington) hadn’t gotten back to them yesterday when I called. Hopefully something works out there as well.

I think I’ve indicated that I will accept the first offer that I am given.  I discussed (with RK) what would happen if I am offered a job and then a day or two later I am offered another job, better job.  I guess it would be a hard decision to make.  Unless the offer was much better, I don’t think I would jump ship and go with a second offer, but, I suppose I would have to examine that one a case by case basis.  Not an issue right now of course, the offers aren’t flying in through the door.


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