Go West, Young Man…

I had an interview today for a job based in Calgary.  I will likely have a 2nd interview next week with them in Toronto.  I also find out next week if I will be offered the position in BC.  I have had some good interest in jobs out west, so, it looks like I may be making a big move.

Calgary would be interesting.  I am a Flames fan, although, by the time I get there, I don’t think they will be playing any more hockey this season anyway.  I like wearing cowboy boots and those would fit in very well out there.  Cowboy hats, not really me, but who knows.

I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, but I have a good feeling.

I have had some interest in this end of the world, mostly the GTA.  Quite frankly, I would rather live in Calgary than Toronto.  I will take whatever is offered to me first though.

I’d be leaving a lot here.  Family.  Friends.

There are phones, email, Skype.  Other ways to keep in touch.  I am not worried about it.  Perhaps a new start would be a good thing for me – I really think it would.

There have been some “odd” changes at the Region and I am glad that I am no longer there.  I wish my ex co-workers the best of luck in the coming months and I hope that it works out for the best.

Anyway, if the west calls, I will go.  I suppose that I could pack up and leave in a day or two.  Not sure what I would do with a LOT of my stuff, but I can figure that out later.  Storage for now I suppose, bring what I need.  Although nothing is written in stone, I need to sort of plan things out in my head so that I don’t explode from thought flooding if/when it does happen.

For now, it is the weekend so there won’t be much on the job front.  I am sure that I will apply for a few jobs but that will be about it.  I am going to try to do an April Fools joke on JB…  It’s a Sunday though, so I doubt that it will work.  I am going to tell her that I was offered and have accepted the job in BC and I will be leaving this week.  She’ll likely clue in pretty quickly, but, who knows.  I am sure I will report success/failure here.

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2 Responses to Go West, Young Man…

  1. missemmi says:

    Good luck bud. I am not going to say those dull and stupid things like ‘change is a good thing’ and ‘something will come up’. Just stay strong and positive and remember your skills : )

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