Multiple subjects in this post, live with it…

Well, I haven’t heard from that company in Burlington that I applied for via the recruiting firm in Toronto as yet.  I received a call from the recruiting firm on Monday, around 3pm I think it was.  She indicated that they would be contacting me for an interview – nothing as yet.  I really hate the waiting part, that’s gotta be the hardest.  I sent a follow-up email to the recruiter that interviewed me, just to ensure that I didn’t misunderstand or something – I hope to get a reply email later today.

I am waiting for other follow-ups next week.  I have had phone interviews with a number of companies.  I am guessing that with some of them, they don’t do a follow-up if there isn’t a match after the phone interview, not sure if I agree with that.  Even a simple email would be nice, at least then you know.  I do realize that some HR departments are slow, so, I continue to wait.

I am hopeful for the position in BC – it sounds like it would be interesting and it would be a fresh start.

J&D returned from Cuba yesterday afternoon.  They had a great time and renewed their vows.  Their 25th anniversary is coming up, April 25.  I was in the original wedding party so it’s too bad that I really couldn’t go to Cuba with them.  Despite my not liking a) sand, b) hot sun and temps c) foreign countries, I would have gone had I been working.  Not sure who I would have had look after my dogs.  It is tough to find someone to look after two of them.  I could try a kennel, I am sure Zeus wouldn’t like that, Blondie likely wouldn’t care – she’s young and goofy.

I saw today that my Dad’s house is for sale.  They are asking $13k more than we did 6 years ago.  They have done some work for it so I don’t think they are really far off.  If there is an open house, I plan to go through – it would be nice to see the place that I used to live in (for 25 years) and see what’s become of it.

So, that is an update for today.  As any readers of this blog can likely tell, I am looking forward to going back to work.  Hopefully it will be soon.  Until next time.


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