Spring cleaning time…

I am going to take a day off today from looking for a job.

I don’t think one day without hitting Workopolis or Monster will kill me and any jobs that are posted today will still be there tomorrow.

Now, I might get a call or two (job related) which is find – actually, I hope that I do.  I sent an updated copy of my resume to a friend in Ottawa who is going to pass it along to someone who might have a lead for me.  I appreciate the assistance.

Anyway, I am cleaning house today.  Well, not right now, I am taking a break.  I want to get the place a bit more organized.  OK, I want to get the place a LOT more organized.

The island in the kitchen looks like a bomb went off.  Gotta tidy it up.  I have already organized the front area.  I just have too much clutter, that’s all.

I found the registration for my Jeep – it had been missing for a while.  This is a good thing (finding it, not the fact that it was missing).  It is now in the Jeep. So, it has already been productive.

I am also going to connect my stereo system so I can listen to music and the radio.  What’s it been?  Almost a year since I moved in (10 months anyway, close enough) and no, I haven’t connected the stereo.  Pretty sad, I will admit.

Oh well – today is the day to get it all done.  It is nice out so it is cool inside.  It started to get darn hot in here yesterday.

Anyway, back to it.  Spring cleaning time.

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