Interviews, interviews, interviews…

This was a productive week for interviews.

One scheduled in Toronto on Wednesday and a surprise phone interview while on the TTC heading to a sit-down interview.

Today, I had another phone interview that went well – this was for the position in BC. I have a follow-up interview scheduled for Monday morning on this one.

I received another phone interview this afternoon – seemed to go well. I hope to hear back on this one soon.  The position is in Kitchener.

I should find out tomorrow if the “surprise” phone interview I had when I was in Toronto goes anywhere – hopefully it will.  This was for a position in Stoney Creek.

I also followed up with the company that I interviewed with in Oakville – they will schedule a second interview the first week of April (I may have already reported that – not sure).

So, I think that is a pretty good week.  I hope that I am offered something and soon.  I would think that it will be a first come first served situation.  If I am offered the job in BC, off I go.  Guess time will tell on that.

On a side note – Today is March 22, I think it is the first full day of Spring (not entirely sure on that). It was 25C today – a record. Wow.  My place actually got pretty warm, almost warm enough to need to turn the AC on but I didn’t. It is cooling off now, hopefully it isn’t too hot upstairs.

Anyway, I will wait and see if any offers or additional interviews are on the table for tomorrow.  That’s it for me for today.


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