Trip to Toronto – Productive

I went to Toronto this morning.  Left St. Catharines at 8:30am so I hit a bit of “rush hour” traffic.  Not sure why it is called rush hour since no one really rushes anywhere…  Anyway…

I made it to Toronto in 1:15 which is pretty good.  The drive along the QEW/403 from Guelph Line to Ford Drive was a bit slow but otherwise it was smooth sailing.

I took the TTC downtown (from my Aunts place) and made it to my interview with 15 minutes to spare.  A return trip on the TTC was $6 as compared to parking downtown which would have likely been upwards of $20.  On the way to the interview, I received a call from another prospective employer and he wanted to do a phone interview.  I will find out on Friday if I get an interview for this job which is in Stoney Creek.

I had my interview with this recruitment firm and it went well.  The person I spoke with gave me some pointers on my resume and wants me to send her a new one today or tomorrow and then she will pass it along to the company that is hiring in Burlington – she expects that I will hear from them next week.

So, all in all, today was a productive day.  It’s nice to have one of those every once in a while…

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