The Hunt

I have a couple of job interviews this week and I followed up on the interview that I had last week.

I had a phone interview last week on Tuesday – after it was over, she indicated that my resume would be passed along and if they wanted me for an interview, they would contact me within 5 days.  I was called the next morning at 9am for an interview that afternoon at 2pm.  OK – great.

I went to the interview and spoke to a gent for about 20-25 minutes.  He indicated that he was going to have a couple of HR people sit in right away in another interview.  He came back in a few minutes and said that they weren’t available as they were in a meeting so would I mind if they called me back.  OK, no problem.

I hadn’t heard back from them by today (Tuesday) so I figured that I would follow up to see what was happening.

The original person that I had the phone interview apologized and said that yes, they will call me back for an interview but the person that I need to see if off and they will call me the first week of April.  No problem, it would have been good to know that – just a miscommunication perhaps.

So, I guess I will hear back in a couple of weeks on that one.

In the meantime, I am meeting with a recruitment firm tomorrow in downtown Toronto for a position with a company in Burlington.  The interview is at 11:30.  I plan on leaving my vehicle at my Aunts place and taking the TTC into downtown.  It’ll save me some money seeing as parking is so darn expensive in Toronto.  It would be nice getting a job in Burlington as I could commute to work.

On Thursday, I have another phone interview with CGI for a position in Kitimat, BC.  That would be a BIG move.  It is some 4700km from here.  They do offer relocation assistance though so that will help anyway.  I guess I would see the rest of the country on my trip out there.  I think that I would enjoy living in BC.  Kitimat is in northern BC, 600km north of Vancouver.  It is a small town, under 10000 people.  That would be a new start for sure.

I’ve applied for at least 40 jobs in the last 2 weeks or so.  I am sure that I will hear from a few more as the job postings close – I would hope so anyway.

The only real issue that I am facing right now is that I am running out of funds – I will have to give notice at the end of this month if I don’t secure a job or at least get a job out of the area.  A little bit of pressure.  Guess I will see what happens…

Anyway, as always, wish me some luck.  Thank you.


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