Interview went well…

After my phone interview yesterday, I was told that I may hear from them within 5 days if they wanted me in for a second interview.  I thought that was pretty good.

I received a call this morning at 9am – they wanted to see me this afternoon at 2pm.  That was quick turnaround.

The drive to their office took me about 45 minutes.  They are just past the Ford plant.  In rush hour, I think it would add 15-30 minutes onto the trip.  Depending on how much that drives me nuts might mean that I will look to move to eastern Oakville or western Mississauga.  Of course, I have to be offered the job first and then, I guess I will see.

I also received an email from an IT recruiting firm in Toronto and they want to see me next week for an interview.  I specifically applied for one job with a company in Burlington but they have postings all over the place.  I have to go to downtown Toronto for this one.  I am going to leave the Jeep at my Aunts place and take the TTC to the interview – $6 for a round trip in the TTC will be a lot cheaper than parking for a couple of hours.  Probably won’t take a lot more time either.

Anyway, I am hopeful that I will get something in the near future.


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